"We are very excited to be using Bidding For Good this year for Ticket sales and our Silent Auction for the Red Tie Gala.  Please follow one of the links below to buy your tickets and register so you can bid on auction items or make donations at the Gala."

$24 a month saves lives

Malaria affects the vast majority of Ugandans.  88% of the population is exposed to moderate to very high transmission levels.  Children are at increased risk for malaria.  Annually, in Uganda alone, 70,000 - 100,000 child deaths are a result of malaria.   Just $24 a month will change the lives of over 50+ families annually!

Did you know that just $5 is enough to puchase a mosquito net that provides protection for an entire family?  Donate today to help save lives!

Want to do more? 

Want to help make a difference?  You can donate.  You can spread the word.  You can join us in the field.  Contact us for more information.​

Our mission is simple.  To help as many people as possible and partner with whomever possible to help save the lives of children in Uganda and around the world.