Meet The Thompsons

Tim and Heather Thompson are the parents of four amazing children; Abby, Lily, Moses, and Micah. The Thompsons started 24000.ORG after an extended stay while adopting their sons. Seeing the orphans that were not going to a family, witnessing the poverty, and hearing from Pastor Lucas the need for help gave Tim and Heather a choice. They could focus solely on the boys they adopted and added to their family or do something to help those half a world away. The choice was easy, they would do both.

Serving others is a trait that they wanted to instill in their children, and what better way to show it than by helping those who can’t do anything to pay you back. In the last eight years, the Thompson’s have been to Uganda six times and to Kenya twice to share their love for others. During this time, over 35,000 mosquito nets have been personally delivered, four water project have been completed to bring water to 3,000 people, hundreds of packages of medication have been given out to orphanages, and the Gospel has been shared to tens of thousands.

Moses and Micah are healthy, safe, part of a family that is full of love and hope for a brighter future and endless possibilities. Tim and Heather want that for all children, regardless of where they live. That is the mission that they have set forth with 24000.ORG.


Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson founded 24000.ORG in 2012 with his wife, Heather. Tim is the Fire Marshal for the City of Georgetown, Kentucky. He serves on the Scott County, KY and Wedco District Health Boards. He lives in Georgetown, KY with Heather and their four children.


Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson is the Co-Founder and Co-chairman of 24000.ORG. Heather started Blessed Beginnings, an in-home childcare business in 2018 after nearly two decades of working in early education. After traveling to Haiti in 2007, God placed adoption on her heart. The adoption of their sons led to the beginning of this organization. Heather resides in Georgetown, KY with Tim and her 4 children.

Meet the board

The board of 24000.ORG plans and coordinates all the fundraising and education of issues necessary to run a successful nonprofit. This team meets monthly to cast the vision for the future of 24000.ORG. Over the course of this organization, we have had many dedicated board members that have served.


Ashley Abshire

Ashley Abshire has served on 24000.ORG's Board since May 2016. She served on the 24000.ORG Run for their Lives 5K race committee and in June 2018, she joined Heather and Tim in Uganda and Kenya where they distributed over 5000 mosquito nets. Ashley is the Fiscal and Compliance Director for the College of Agriculture at Kentucky State University. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration at Eastern Kentucky University and anticipates earning her Master of Business Administration at Morehead State University in May 2020. Ashley currently resides in Lexington, KY with her two sons, Hunter and Austin.


Victoria Elridge

Victoria has been a board member of 24000.org since 2017 when she felt the need to reach beyond her own community to make a positive global impact. She has been passionate about helping others since the age of 4 when she was diagnosed with juvenile epilepsy. Going through her childhood with epilepsy gave Victoria the opportunity to see life from a unique perspective and instilled in her the values of compassion and kindness towards every person. Victoria has a Masters in Occupational Therapy and currently practices pediatric occupational therapy for a non-profit clinic in Lexington. She is a native of Louisville, Kentucky and currently lives in Georgetown, Kentucky with her husband and three sons.

Our Team in Africa

The team in Uganda, led by Lucas and Prossy Hamirie are the eyes and ears of 24000.ORG. While the board is working on the fundraising efforts in the states, our team in Uganda is monitoring where the greatest needs are so that when we provide nets, clean water, medication, or any other lifesaving measures, they are going to the areas with the greatest need. While we are in Africa, the team provides housing, travel, logistics, and interpreting.


Lucus Hamire

Pastor Lucas Hamirie is a Bishop in the Wesleyan Church who lives in Busia, Uganda. Pastor Lucas is the overseer of more than 80 churches in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. Lucas is the eyes and ears that helps us provide help where the greatest need is. He is an entrepreneur that uses his business savvy to help others succeed, and the finances earned to provide assistance to everyone he meets. Without Pastor Lucas, 24000.ORG would not be possible.


Prossy Hamire

Prossy is the wife of Lucas, and Tim and Heather look at her like a second mother. Prossy lives her life to serve and love others. As the Director of the orphanage in Uganda where the Thompson’s sons came from, ‘Mama’ Prossy holds a special place in the hearts of Tim and Heather.